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Welcome to Private Education Coliation Ghana

PEC is a mother organisation that houses the associations of private education institutions in Ghana. As a recently formed body, there are currently 6 associations under the supervision of PEC with membership growing. It is important to note that PEC is an umbrella for the various associations which host the individual private schools and some of these associations encapsulate hundreds of schools and teachers under their membership.

As a united body, our primary goal is to provide high quality education to the Ghanaian child, through collaborative efforts and unique service.

PEC is a united body with a common goal. We bring a certain synergy that has a natural positive impact on the growth and development of private education in the country. We strongly believe that in unity, we can easily achieve our targets. The coming together of private schools associations has been long overdue, but it is finally here. Our combined might and effort give us better grit to meet the challenges in this sector. Unity they say, is strength and there is always strength in numbers.
Sharing our strengths as PEC means that we are accountable to each other. In the past, we operated as competitors against one another, which limited our reach and capabilities. Now we seek to operate professionally and collaboratively as one body to find better ways of doing things. As part of our vision, we aim to partner with as many associations as possible, who are relevant to private education in Ghana, primarily through quality education. In collaboration, we will address the challenges in all areas that cause roadblocks to excellent education delivery in Ghana
Our core principle is to be of great service to all in the education sector in Ghana and beyond her borders. PEC is dedicated to active and quality service that will re-shape the dynamics of education. This is a general outcome of our unity and collaboration. With great service, comes great reward. Our reward will be to see the reorganisation of key service providers that positively affect the development of education in the country.

Our Associations

We are always ready for friendly partnerships, with more associations that want to share in our vision and help in nation building

Meet the PEC Ghana Team

A good and dedicated team is what makes us who we are. Explore the faces behind the Private Education Coalition team and learn how they contribute in various ways to our core vision.


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